Top Paddock

658 Church St Richmond VIC 3121

Melbourne loves its breakfasts, brunch and Cafes.

Whilst I’m not a breakfast or brunch addict who plants his arse on a seat at one of Melbourne’s many trendy hipster Cafes after queuing up for what seems like ages in order to get into the premises, I gotta admit I like my Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Sauteed Mushrooms. My breakfast almost every weekday consists of a Kellogg’s or Uncle Toby’s breakfast cereal or else Oat Porridge with Honey. And then wham-bam-thank-you-M’am, I’m off to hop on the useless, smelly Graffit-tagged Melbourne public transport system for work.

Having heard good things from other foodbloggers that I follow, and seeing the images they uploaded onto Instagram, I decided to head to Richmond’s Top Paddock Cafe on a sunny Monday morning.

I don’t usually venture out into Richmond – either to go down Victoria St for the Vietnamese food, to check out a favorite singer at Rod Laver Arena or else to sit next to a bunch of loud obnoxious Hawthorn Hawks Supporters at the MCG – well their team is currently the reigning Premiers anyway.

20131124-200029.jpg Top Paddock, like many other Cafes and arty-farty-hipstery Coffee establishments within Melbourne has a pretty casual, relaxed atmosphere. None of the upper-class table-cloth snobbery of a hatted restaurant in The Age Good Food Guide, but more resemblance to the Art and Pottery Rooms during one’s High School and Primary School (Elementary School for you Americans out there) days.

Breaking with what’s usually a “Raging Cook” tradition, I shunned the Bacon and Poached Eggs with Mushrooms and Toast combo and went for something different…

The Pork Belly and Fried Egg Roll with Relish.

I’ve never had anything for breakfast that resembles a hamburger hahahaha – unless you count the friggin’ Sausage and Egg McMuffins or Bacon & Egg McMuffin’s from the evil McDonald’s. So yeah it did feel a bit messed up eating one of these babies at 9.30am on a Monday morning.

As soon as I took my first chomp out of the Pork Belly and Fried Egg Roll, I felt the nice runny egg yolk flow around the mouth with the tangy tomato relish. The Pork Belly, whilst nicely cooked, lacked a bit of flavour – a bit more salt please? But otherwise good.

And this was washed down with a latte. Creamy, subtle bitterness… and pretty too…

Melbourne’s Cafes and breakfast and brunch spots are a dime a dozen. A cafe seems to open every two to three weeks. Given that Australia’s Mining and Manufacturing industries are in decline, it appears this is where our economy is headed… food and coffee??? As there are so many Cafe options out here in Melbourne, whilst Top Paddock is good, I prefer its sister, Two Birds One Stone out on Claremont St in South Yarra. The menus are pretty similar, but I’ll take Two Birds One Stone for accessibility. Top Paddock is also great, but it’s slightly inconvenient for me to get there, but I will go whenever I’m in the vicinity haha.

Top Paddock, a raging recommendation :D

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One response to “Top Paddock”

  1. msihua (@msihua) says :

    I do so love this place! Makes me happy… we were just here on the weekend too! Happy New Year!!!

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