Om Nom Dessert Bar

187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Don’t. Get. Me. Wrong.

I am, first and foremost, a carnivore.

I love nothing more than ripping into a nice bloody, juicy steak and tearing it to smaller pieces and shoving it into my mouth.

I also love chomping into fried chicken, be it Korean Fried Chicken, Southern US style, or even the heartless and soul-less franchise machine that is Kentucky Fried Chicken (Go ahead, look at me with contempt).

Jamon Iberico? Oh man, the beautiful salty and buttery and nutty taste of the dark red ribbon-like ham – I love the stuff.

Whilst I love my meat, I do like the odd dessert now and then, especially when a lot of skill, technique, precision, artistry and creativity has gone into producing a dessert dish.

Om Nom Dessert Bar, located on Flinders Lane has a delectable selection of desserts…

Go up the flight of steps, and walk into the dim dessert bar and place your arse down at one of their tables and witness the beauty, the creativity and enjoy the beautifully sweet flavours…

The “Raspberry Fields” – Meringue, Raspberry Sorbet, Lychee, Lychee Ravioli, Rosewater Pannacotta and Raspberry was absolutely stunning in appearance, and equally delicious. Crisp, sweet meringue, a sour yet sweet Raspberry Sorbet with fresh lychee and lychee ravioli (lychee juice that had been through a bit of molecular gastronomy and came out the other end as “ravioli” – as coined by Ferran Adria) that burst open like a water balloon filled with lychee juice along with fresh raspberry. A winning combination!

And very very beautiful to look at!


I was very very impressed by the excellent combination of creativity and delicious taste I went back a second time for something different!

The Avocado Mousse, Caramel Bavarois, Coffee Foam, Milk Chocolate Ganache encased in a dark chocolate sphere and garnished with a thin chocolate twig with gold was a chocolate lover’s dream. Not overpoweringly rich, but a wonderful marriage – no wait, make that an orgy of chocolate, coffee, nutty and subtly buttery avocado and caramel flavours on a crunchy coffee and caramel biscuit base. A big thumbs up!

At $24 and $22 respectively, both the Raspberry Fields and Avocado Mousse, Caramel Bavarois, Coffee Foam and Milk Chocolate desserts aren’t exactly cheap – they are worth every cent for the fantastic mix of taste, technique, pastry chefs’ skill and creativity.

A great place to go after a meal to sit back and enjoy something beautiful, and sweeeeeeeet!

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I'm a very angry raging cook. Enough said!

2 responses to “Om Nom Dessert Bar”

  1. winstonthehungryexcavator says :

    OH man, I am with you 100% on that, bro. Carnivore through and through. But have found myself slowly change recently. Moving more towards the lighter route. Even having salad meals from time to time. Not hating it as much as I thought I would. I know a handful of people who would go nuts about this place. Thanks for letting us know about this. Catchup soon? =)

  2. msihua (@msihua) says :

    Oh wow… I’m not fans of dessert, and like you only focussed on the meat. But woah! This is something else :)

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